About us

LifeAfterLIfe was first conceived in 2013 following an untimely death. Mainly through ignorance and lack of time (due to full time work) the whole process was both daunting and difficult. With siblings in another country the burden of managing fell on a single person at a very difficult emotional time.

The process

The process begins with the death being registered. This may or may not involve the coroner. Once the death has been registered, the deceased's body can be released to the Funeral Director of your choice. We can provide first class floristry, catering and drinks for the wake - both large and small. Managing the deceased's estate can be tricky if expensive mistakes are to be avoided. Valuation of assets needs sympathetic professionalism in order for probate to be completed. Access to the deceased's finances cannot occur until probate is complete, and swift resolution is usually advantageous. For those with significant estates, advice regarding Inheritance Tax is essential if double taxation is to be avoided.

How we can help

LifeAfterLIfe was set up to simplify the process above. Time is of the essence. We can help guide you through the elements of the bereavement by utilising our hand picked experts in this area. Our partners have proven themselves to be helpful, professional and sympathetic at a time which, at LifeAfterLIfe, we know to be difficult. You are able to select as many or as few of our hand picked partners that you need by clicking on the Enquire Now at the top of the page and selecting the area you are looking in. Our affiliates are both small enough to care, but large enough to be highly experienced and professional and are specifically interested in managing the whole bereavement process for you. No two funerals, wakes, estates or families are the same and our partners are flexible in this regard.