2017 budget. 9,300% tax hike for bereaved. Probate fees increase massively. £0 - £20,000.00 depending on estate size. Ministry of Justice announced.

November 2016. ITV tonight. Funerals: A costly undertaking. 78% of people have not done any research into funerals. 62% of people didn't know how much a funeral would cost. 44% of people said they would make up any shortfall in funeral cost by using a credit card. People are often unprepared when planning a funeral and become tied into fixed price packages and ultimately paying more than they need to.

July 2016. Four times more people caught in inheritance tax than four years ago - Daily telegraph.

April 2016. Protecting your bequest. £325k nil rate band fixed since 2009. 15000 estates paid IHT in 2009. 40000 paid IHT in the last tax year.

April 2016. The rising cost of dying. The mail online. This article estimates the average cost of a funeral to be £7,600.00.

March 2016. The penalty for leaving a legacy. Probate fees set to rise in proportion to the value of the estate. The Times. consumer affairs.

March 2016. Surge in death rate puts Dignity in the black. The Times.

Feb 2016. How the cost of a funeral has soared 90pc. http;///

Feb 2016. Funeral firm keeps bodies in mouldy corridor full of junk. Daily Telegraph.

Nov 2015. Rising number of pauper's funerals sees costs to councils soar by a third.

October 2015. Co-executor has problem with lawyer hired to help with mother's estate. Money section of Sunday Times

September 2015. Spiralling costs of funerals. Money programme. Radio 4.

August 2015. Executor: not a job for the faint hearted. The Sunday Times points out some of the pitfalls (and financial consequences) of being an executor.

July 2015. Budget statement raising IHT threshold to £1million. From 2017 there will be an extra £175k for those leaving their houses to their children or grandchildren.

June 2015. Caught in grief's web. Ruth Emery of the Sunday Times notes that sorting out estates is difficult and some companies can be unsympathetic when dealing with the bank accounts of the deceased.

May 2015. Conservative party suggest (pre - election) that the IHT tax threshold should be £1million on family homes.

April 2015. The Daily Telegraph points out the implications for those dying intestate (without a will) as has happened to Rik Mayall.

April 2015. The BBC announce the spiralling costs of funerals and that planning in advance is advisable -

March 2015. The budget statement by George Osborne indicated that HMRC will look carefully at "deeds of variation" regarding Inheritance Tax Avoidance.